2013 sees another fuel price hike

SSE customers will see an average 8.2% rise in gas and electricity prices from 15 November, the company has announced.

The energy firm said the rise reflected higher costs of buying wholesale energy and paying to deliver it to customers' homes, plus government levies.


GHS system for Chemical Transportation

International laws governing the safe transport of hazardous goods is changing to the GHS (Global Harmonised System).

This effectively means we will no longer have risk and safety phrases for chemicals as they will be replaced by the Hazard Statements (H) and Precautionary Statements (P). This system is being steadily rolled out and we will, for the next couple of years, have both until June 1st 2015 when this will be implemented in the EU.


Utility prices set to rise again

Gas & Electricity Rates

As you are aware in 2012 Gas and electricity prices increased again.

You may not be aware of exactly how much so here our run down of the energy suppliers rate increases in August 2012:


HSE Introduce Charge for Material Breaches

HSE have introduced a Fee for Intervention (FFI) which charges for the time and costs of dealing with a material breach. The current cost of FFI is £124per hour.