EFTCO SQAS Food Questionnaire

The EFTCO food workgroup has finalised the food section of the SQAS audit questionnaire to be performed every 3 years. Below is the press release supplied by EFTCO regarding the re-launch of the EFTCO food questionnaire


Tank Cleaning Magazine - Issue 2

Issue 2 of the Tank Cleaning Magazine is now available.




EFTCO’s new food assessment for food tank cleaning stations

We talk to Mr Seliaerts about EFTCO’s new food assessment for food tank cleaning stations

What is the new food assessment tool for food tank cleaning stations?
It is a standard that is based on the existing tank cleaning SQAS (Safety Quality Assessment System) questionnaire, but we have added questions that are specifically tailored for the assessment of the quality of food tank cleaning stations.


An interview with…Erwig Seliaerts - Former President of EFTCO

The following are sections of an interview perfomed by the Bulk Distributor Magazine in March 2013.  The questions posed and the responses by Erwig are interesting...... The following are a couple of points which you may find useful.


3yr Cost Review (Dec 2013)

NTRCA members have asked the association to produce a basic report on the cost pressures applicable to running a tank cleaning station. The following provides information based upon the last 3 years.

General Inflation:

2011 Ave 2012 Ave 2013 Ave 3yr Ave
RPI 5.2 3.2 3.0 3.8
CPI 4.5 2.8 2.6 3.3

CPI replaced RPI as official inflation figure in Dec 2003.