SQAS (Quality)


SQAS Quality Audit for Tankcleaning Stations
SQAS – the Safety Quality Assessment System for Tankcleaning – is a method of assessing a cleaning station’s level of compliance with the law, health & safety, environmental and operational standards.

SQAS (Safety & Quality Assessment System) is a system to evaluate the quality, safety, security and environmental performance in a uniform manner by single standardised assessments carried out by independent assessors using a standard questionnaire.

An SQAS assessment does not lead to a certificate but offers a detailed factual report which each chemical company needs to evaluate according to its own requirements.

A copy of the document can be obtained at www.sqas.org/download-questionnaire.php

The current assessment system was developed from collaboration between Tanker Cleaning Industry (via EFTCO) the Chemical Industry (via Cefic) and the Transport Industry (via ECTA). It is part of an integrated assessment system for road and rail transport incorporating the necessary elements to ensure Quality and Safe Transport, whilst incorporating the principles of Cefic’s Responsible Care Programme.

As a further development of the programme EFTCO has developed the EFTCO Cleaning Document (ECD). See ECD page for details

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